My first website on easyname

Easy Install Apps (Wordpress, Joomla, etc.)

Once you have an active domain and a paid webhosting product at easyname, you can install your desired application in the Control Panel under [Web Hosting] → [Easy Install Apps]. A list of all offered apps can be found here.

After you've chosen an app, click on [+ ADD] → [+ ADD APP]. Afterwards in Step 1 you have the option to create an "Existing subdomain" or a "New subdomain" on which the app should be installed. In Step 2 you can set the settings for your app (login information, language, version, etc.). When you have filled out all the data and have chosen a (sub)domain to install, click on [INSTALL NOW]. As soon as the installation is completed, you will be notified by e-mail. Alternatively, you can also find the status of the installation online in the Control Panel under [Web Hosting] → [My Apps].

Please note, that your domain(s) must have our name servers enabled for the installation to work. If you have recently registered the domain, it may take a few hours for the easyname name servers to become active for your domain.

Website Builder

If you have opted for our Website Builder, you can configure the builder in your easyname Control Panel under [Website Builder] → [Configure]. Here you will be prompted to create your "wish-domain". This domain must be created and is only available for the Website Builder to edit/create your website. After that you can login to the Website Builder and start designing your website.

Once you've finished creating your website, you can link your domain to the builder by clicking on [Webhosting] → [Subdomains] → [Edit] (pen icon, on the right side) -> [Website Builder] in your easyname Control Panel.

My own files

The following manual describes exactly how to publish your personal website on easyname with your own files: Manual (PDF)

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